Cookie Delivery

Cookie Delivery

When will my cookies arrive?

Every time you place an order with Casey's Cookies, you have the option to select your preferred ship date.  That is, you can select which date you would like the cookies to ship on.  Important note: your cookies will not arrive on the preferred ship date.  Your cookie order merely ships on the ship date that you requested.  The cookies will arrive a few days later based on which shipping method you selected during checkout.  If you selected Priority Mail as your shipping method, the cookies will generally be delivered 1-3 business days.  All of our cookies are sealed for freshness prior to shipping.  Party trays and party packs are sealed together since the cookies are smaller and generally enjoyed altogether at one time, while our 1 dozen and 2 dozen packages come with every cookie individually sealed so that you can enjoy your delicious cookies one at a time without having to worry about them losing their freshness to quickly.

Priority Mail Shipping

Priority Mail is the best option for most customers, it is very affordable and reliable.  While Priority Mail is not a "guaranteed delivery date" shipping method, it is a very reliable and timely method.  In most cases, Priority Mail will deliver anywhere within the continental U.S. within 2-3 business days.  However, after the first few months of using priority mail we discovered that they almost always deliver by the 2nd business day.  We've even had packages of cookies shipped from our kitchen in Florida to the West coast and delivered within 2 business days.

What is a "business day" for delivery services?

For Priority Mail, a business day is any day, Monday - Saturday that is not a national holiday. 

What if I didn't enter a preferred ship date?

If you didn't specify a ship date, your cookies will usually be baked and shipped on the next working day (Mon. - Fri. starting 8AM EST).  However, occasionally there will be an unusually high number of orders that need to be filled on a given day.  If that is the case, orders without a preferred ship date will be deferred and then filled 1 or 2 days later.

Will my cookies still be fresh by the time they arrive?

The short answer is yes, the cookies will be fresh.  We've done extensive testing for each one of our cookie flavors and we've tweaked the recipes until we were confident that they would maintain not only their taste, but their freshness and moistness for as long as possible without the use of any preservatives.  Plus, every order of Casey's Cookies comes sealed and wrapped so that they're exposed to as little air as possible until you're ready to eat them. With these precautions in place, our 1.5 ounce cookies stay fresh for around 7 days and our 2.5 ounce cookies stay moist at least 10 days.

Local pickup at our kitchen

Our "pickup at kitchen" shipping option is only for local customer's who are willing to drive to our kitchen in Largo and pick up their order. Orders with this shipping option must be picked up between 12:30pm and 1:30pm. For address and directions for our kitchen location, please contact us at after placing your order.

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